Open Jozi!

I need help with a new project that iHeritage has just launched. We’re going to be running a small pilot to put video, photographs, audio and text relating to Johannesburg online in the public domain, and then run a remix competition to create new cultural products from the raw materials. If anyone can help design a logo, sponsor a prize, or blog about this, please please let me know 🙂 Thanks!

Do you have old photographs, home video or archive material about Johannesburg that you’re willing to share online?

Open Jozi! is a pilot project to enable people with great historical and cultural materials to share them online for the benefit of all. We believe that getting ordinary people involved in sharing their history on the internet with artists, historians, students and researchers is a great way to keep local history alive and accessible.

If you have any materials, or know of anyone else (grandparents, friends overseas etc) who might, please contact us with details about your collection (see below). We will be arranging digitisation drives in the near future to get volunteers to help digitise the collections, but first we need to know what kinds of materials are available.

Please note that you must own the copyright of the materials for them to be eligible for the collection. If you’re confused, please contact us.

Your name:
Summary of what the collection consists of (e.g. a home video – VHS – of Bree Street, Johannesburg in the 1950s):
Do you own the copyright (Y/N/unsure):
Your contact telephone number:
Your contact email address:

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