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Ford, H. (2022) Writing the Revolution: Wikipedia and the Survival of Facts in the Digital Age, MIT Press.

Peer reviewed articles and book chapters

Ford, H. and Richardson, M. (2023) Witnessing Infrastructures: Airwars and Transformative Advocacy in Conflict Monitoring. Media, Culture and Society. [published version | author’s pre-print]

Ford, H. (2022) Ethnographies of the digitally dispossessed. The Routledge Companion to Media Anthropology edited by Elisabetta Costa, Patricia G. Lange, Nell Haynes, Jolynna Sinanan. [published version | author’s pre-print ]

Ford, H. (2020) Rise of the underdog. Wikipedia@20 edited by Joseph Reagle and Jackie Koerner. MIT Press. [Medium | published version] (Reviewed on the Wikipedia Signpost)

Moss, G. and Ford, H. (2020) How accountable are digital platforms? in Dutton, W. H. (Ed.), A Research Agenda for Digital Politics. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. [authors’ pre-print | published version]

Ford, H. and Hutchinson, J. (2019) Newsbots that mediate journalist and audience relationships. Digital Journalism. DOI: 10.1080/21670811.2019.1626752

Sorensen, L., Ford, H., Al-Saqaf, W., Bosch, T. & Voltmer, K. (2019) Dialogue of the Deaf: Listening on Twitter and Democratic Responsiveness during the 2015 South African State of the Nation Address. Media, Communication and the Struggle for Democratic Change: Contested Transitions in the New Media Age. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [pre-print] [published version]

Ford, H., Pensa, I., Devouard, F., Pucciarelli, M., Botturi, L. (2018) Beyond notification: Filling gaps in peer production projects. New Media & Society. Sage Publishing. [pre-print] [published version]

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Ford, H., Puschmann, C., & Dubois, D. (2016). Keeping Ottawa honest, one tweet at a time? Politicians, journalists, Wikipedians and their Twitter bots. International Journal of Communication, 10, 4891-4914. [IJOC open access]

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Ford, H. (2014). Infoboxes and cleanup tags: Artifacts of Wikipedia news making. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. 

Ford, H., Sen, S., Musicant, D.R., and Miller, N. (2013). Getting to the Source: Where does Wikipedia Get Its Information From? ACM WikiSym ’13, Hong Kong, China.

Ford, H. (2014). Big Data and Small: Collaborations between ethnographers and data scientists. Big Data and Society 1 (2). doi 10.1177/2053951714544337

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Ford, H. (2006). Africa and the Digital Information Commons: An Overview. The Southern African Journal of Information and Communication, 7: 4-21

Selected working papers, reports and commentary

Ford, H. (2021). How can content moderation systems be improved?  Invited submission to the UK House of Lords, Communications and Digital Committee (2021) ‘Freedom for all? Freedom of expression in the digital age. 

Ford, H., Pietsch, T., & Tall, K. (2021). Producing Distinction: Wikipedia and the Order of Australia. University of Technology Sydney.

Dataset: Ford, H., Pietsch, T., & Tall, K., Lum, A. (2021). Understanding Wikipedia in Australia [Data set]. University of Technology Sydney.  

Ford, H. (ed) (2016) The person in the (big) data: A Selection of Innovative Methods, Strategies and Perspectives for Social Research in the Age of (Big) Data. Communities and Culture Network+. [PDF]

Ford, H. (2013). Being a student ethnographer (series). Ethnography Matters, November 2013 edition

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Ford, H. (2013). Openness edition (series). Ethnography Matters, February 2013 edition

Ford, H. (2012). Wikipedia Sources: Managing Sources in Rapidly Evolving Global News Articles on the English Wikipedia. Ushahidi Working Paper.

Ford, H. (2009). Open Culture. Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) 2009.

Armstrong, H. and Ford, H. (2007) Innovations in licensing rights and copyright for digitized, sustainable film distribution in South Africa. iCommons report. 

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Banks, K., Banisar, D., Ford, H., Grossman, W., Hosein, G., Davies, S. (2003). Silenced: An international report on censorship and control of the Internet. Published by Privacy International and GreenNet Educational Trust

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