50 Parties Club

I was actually about to take a nap before the final session of Wikimania when Jimmy Wales grabbed me and asked if I’d help him with his speech to close the incredible Wikimania 2007 in Taipei. He’d been inspired by my talk about parties in the earlier session, and suggested that we start a ’50 free/sharing culture parties club’ where people around the globe hosted parties in their city and invited member of the free culture fraternity – Wikipedians, Creative Commoners, open access-ers, free software-ers and those interested in finding out more about free/sharing digital culture.

We’ve had an amazing response. Jimmy started a Facebook group that has 148 members after just 10 hours and we have parties planned for Cape Town, Chennai and Austin.

It looks as though Dave Duarte will be organising the first party and that it will be in Cape Town in September when Jimmy comes to town 🙂 Dave is probably the best person I know in the world to organise a party, and so I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re in the Cape Town area, or if you want to fly in for the feast, go to this link and start preparing!

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