Creative Commons critiques

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It still amazes me when I read academic papers where it is clear that the author hasn’t read any critiques of Creative Commons – not necessarily critiques from the content industry declaring that Creative Commons is opposed to copyright (I don’t think those exist in academic form but please let me know if you find any) but those from people who actually care about the problem that Creative Commons was started to try and solve (that copyright – especially copyright for the digital age – is broken). We need to be more critical of these solutions so that we don’t fall prey to believing that Creative Commons – the way it is designed and run – is inevitable (more on that soon).

I will keep this updated and provide summaries as I find more material. I’ll also start a Zotero group as soon as I can resolve the problem I’m having with Zotero right now so that others who are interested can share too. Herewith follows a short but powerful list:

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11/28 Update: My Zotero problem has been fixed! You can join the new public group here:

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