The underbelly of the SA web

picture-1Ziphezinhle Msimango has written a great article for the Sunday Times (‘Surf and Strange Turf‘) about some of the ‘underground’ sites in SA that cover things like ‘boer fanaticism, black pornography and infidelity’.

I often hear people of my parent’s generation talking about how ‘evil’ the Internet is, but sites like this show how the ‘underbelly’ (that was always there – even Before Internet) is now just more transparent on the web. In effect, it’s no longer ‘underground’. And exposing our needs, our hopes, our fears (because that’s all these sites are) can only be a good thing. It’s about accepting our humanity – accepting that we have good and bad in us – that we’re all capable of good and evil. As John Lennon said in the previous post: ‘We’re all violent inside; we’re all Hitler inside; we’re all Christ inside – it’s just to try and work on the good bit in you.’

The illustration is by our friends at Infiltrate – the thumbnail they have on the site doesn’t do it justice, though. The paper version was a double page spread and it’s quite beautiful.

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