5 thoughts on “What happens when a (female) blogger complains

  1. Hey everyone. Wow this really has got messy. I agree with Heather here, guys. Let’s play nicely.

    I have been focusing on other articles since that original article and hadn’t kept my eye on the comments. It was certainly not my intention for it to step into the rude arena.

    Apologies, Heather and I hope we can keep to a healthy debate.



  2. Clever strategy, Heather. All you need to do is make your point, and then let everyone prove it for you.

  3. I take my hat off to you, Seth, for recognising how truly ugly this conversation has become, and for trying to make amends.

    It was big of you to apologise to Heather for the tone of your readers’ comments (even though you are not responsible for their attitudes), and you have my respect for doing so.

    I applaud you for recognising the vicious subtext of some of the comments: namely that a woman who voices her opinion is a nerd, a loser, or deserves to be fucked (or raped) into submission.

    I hope that this exchange will result in more interesting debate about where blogging’s going in South Africa.

    @ Kerryn: hush, listen, and learn from the grown ups.

    This was the right thing to you, and

    @Kerryn: Be quiet, and listen. You’re not doing Seth any favours by

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