Open Innovation Studio opens in Cape Town


Dirk Visser of Brightest Young Minds just sent me the great news that their new co-working space in Cape Town is now open. The prices seem really affordable, the location is great, and Dirk says that ‘There are still a few more features that will come on-line in time such as a podcast studio and even a bed for overnight visitors.’ There are a range of different prices – from part-time to full-time – and most important is the commitment to ‘good coffee’.

Interested? Call them on 021 476 4760 or email

3 thoughts on “Open Innovation Studio opens in Cape Town

  1. Dear Dirk (from one Dirk to another Dirk!!!!!!)
    We are presenting a seminar in University of Stellenbosch tommorow, and I stumbled unto your site !!!!!! That is so phenominal !!!!!

    I’m an Innovator and creator , but still a student (HBcomm-in Entrep.&Investment managing) !!!! I love what you are doing , because I also believe in the vision you guys have !!!!!!!

    I would like to meet you some time and discuss how students like me , can become part of this studio !!!!! Jisss man , thanks for making my day !!!!!!!

    Talk to you soon !!!!!

    Live Life
    Dirk J Bosman

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Dirk. You should head over to the Studio and chat to them – I’m sure you’ll have lots in common 🙂

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