100 days 100 fears

I’ve had an idea brewing to write a blog next year about facing up to fears. The idea would be to do something that I’m afraid of every day for 100 days and write a daily post about the experience. Being in America brings it gushing to the fore. I realise how much I’m afraid of: looking into someone’s eyes after I’ve smiled at them as I walk down the street, telling someone who I love and admire just how I feel, saying no to a person when it’s clear where the power lies, walking into the city without a map and asking strangers for directions…

Small things, but I realise how big they become when you don’t give yourself the chance to face them.

What I’m interested in is being able to recognise when our fear is protecting us from being hurt (driving on the wrong side of the road, for example) and when it’s just stopping us from doing something because it’s uncomfortable and new (driving on the wrong side of the road, for example).

I’m only reticent because it’s so personal and would expose the my points of weakness (another fear in itself) – but, after reading another of El Oso’s beautiful posts (beautiful because it reflects such a revealing honesty about the author and his response to the world), I’m inspired to give it a go.

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