Mapping open


A couple of us have been working on trying to ‘map’ the ‘move towards openness’. This is my attempt – covering the different levels of openness in communication input – process – output. I’m sad not to be at the openeverything event in Cape Town that Mark and Philipp are organising – looks like it’s going to rock!

6 thoughts on “Mapping open

  1. What about Open Land?

    Unless we can bring that into the map I fear we’ll never get open everything 🙂

    I guess the closest thing is something like Community Land Trusts:

    Actually, I want to work on creating a crowdfund for land trusts and open infrastructure, fancy helping develop the idea?

    Projects like are brilliant, but they need finance to grow their team, and then we need to replicate them on more land all over the place 🙂


    This isn’t a duplicate comment, it didn’t get through before

  2. You’re right, Josef. Open land is really important – I guess I was looking very specifically at the information economy here, but it’s true that in many places around the world, applying these philosophies to resources that are perhaps more critical is vital. Thanks for the link to openfarmtech – really interesting!

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