Calling all South African bloggers

iheritage-sticker-1.jpg This Monday, 24 September, is Heritage Day in South Africa.

In celebration of Heritage Day, iCommons will be running a parallel real and virtual campaign where we invite South Africans to upload a photograph or two to Wikimedia Commons under a free licence so that others can build on and share our memories. So, if you’re a blogger, please write a post on or around Heritage Day on Monday, including the sticker on the top of this post and a link to what you’ve shared. I’ve heard people talking about sharing recipes from Grabouw, photographs of their Miss South Africa moms (hey, we need a Wikipedia article for that!), and writing Wikipedia articles on places like Mzoli’s Meats in Guguletu (thank you, Jimmy Wales!). All the details are on the iCommons Heritage Day page. So, before you go for braai and beer on this important public holiday, make sure you’ve made a contribution to the commons in celebration of what makes South Africans tick.

Oh, and if you’re in the area, please swing by our sprint at Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg next to M&A. You’ll get a 10% discount from M&A if you have a sticker saying that you’ve contributed 🙂

The image above by Daniela Faris is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence which means you are free to copy and share it – even for commercial purposes – as long as you give attribution to the author, Daniela Faris, iCommons and link back to the Heritage Day page on  

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