Oh jeepers

I just did an interview on Radio 702 with John Robbie about Wikipedia. I felt like it was incredibly cringeworthy but I know that I’m my worst critic. Aside from my poor delivery, I feel like the fact that was have to explain the intricacies of Wikipedia in two minutes is a major problem. It forces people to think about the project in black and white when actually the greys are where the biggest revelations about how the world is changing happen.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews recently, and it’s something that I really want to improve on, so I’m going to be documenting my progress from cringeworthiness to something I hope will improve. Hopefully some of you will add your own constructive criticism 🙂

I think that with the 702 interview, I over-prepared, reading widely about the recent debate over ‘flagged revisions‘ when actually John Robbie just wanted to talk generally about the accuracy of Wikipedia articles. I also have this terrible habit, when under pressure, of spewing out answers without listening carefully to the question and thinking about what I want to say.

Best to 1) breathe, 2) take my time and 3) listen carefully.