‘Dictionaries are not clubs that only good words can get in to’

erinandh.jpgWhat a cool, chic chick. I’m in a Wikimedia Foundation Advisory Board retreat in Taipei and have met Erin who is so incredibly clever, funny and – most importantly – loves dresses.

Erin calls herself a “dictionary evangelist”. She thinks that dictionaries are misunderstood and under-valued – and does a lot of speaking about this at conferences around the world (one of the latest was at TED).

But, the coolest thing about this gal is that she loves dresses and sewing even more than me – and has an awesome blog called ‘A dress a day‘ where she talks about her fabric, patterns and other similar blogs like the great blog ‘She wears shweshwe‘ from someone called Ann in Jozi.

Jimmy Wales says that she’s an incredible speaker and I’m really looking forward to hearing her here at Wikimania. And I’m going to send her shweshwe fabric for her next dress!

Pic: CC BY-SA 2.5 South Africa (dress by Erin)

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